Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the best kind of girls

I spent 6 hours with 2 teenage girls, shopping for swim suits today. But not for the reasons one would expect. It didn't take 6 hours because they wanted to find the skimpiest suit I would allow them to buy, or because they wanted a certain brand name.

It took 6 hours because I willingly and gladly drove them all over town, to every possible suit-selling store, to reward them for wanting to buy a practical suit, at a reasonable price, that would cover both their boobs and their butt. A noble goal for any of us girls, but especially for young girls of today!

So hats off to these, the best kind of girls - kind, smart, funny and good - right down to the core!

Friday, July 8, 2011

a safe place

I had an interesting experience last weekend that caused me to reflect on family relationships. After spending several days feeling desperately sad about the tendency of some families to break each other down, I have renewed my commitment to not let this happen in mine. I have come up with a new mantra for myself: our family is a safe place.

That my kids will never know a parent who tears them down, a sibling who condescends, or a dictatorial spouse is my deepest hope and prayer. That our home will provide unending love and hope and respect to all is the biggest accomplishment I ever hope to make.